What we do - All in One business solution


We provide a Plug and Play and fully enterprise Wi-Fi solutions whether your a salon, bar, restaurant, event, stadium to commercial building.  We have the ability to scale up to any capacity through our network of engineers and carriers at any given time worldwide.

Splash Page Advertising with Revenue Shares can be Integrations on any API platform

We provide a fully customised splash page with revenue share.  Users login via email or a social platform  i.e facebook, twitter and see deals, offers, vouchers, news, announcements, events, products, and services locally.

Calls, Telephone, VOIP

 Our Hosted Voice eXchange (HVX) is a complete business communications service that provides an extensive range of fixed and mobile telephony capabilities via an easy-to-use web portal. 


 Anyone who uses the Internet has almost certainly come across the term “firewall” and knows it has something to do with providing security. Simply a Firewall controls what traffic is allowed to enter and leave a business network. Allowing safe and secure usage of commonly used services such as email, FTP, web, voice, and many more features.

Interactive screens

 For commercial, real estate to stadiums

3D virtual sets

Custom templates

Intuitive interface

Supports HD & UHD

Third-party graphics control

Co-cyc and holdout matte.

VR (Virtual Reality)

Provide customers a virtual experience from anywhere  via our splash page increasing in online sales or before point of sale. 

We provide the headset, phone and for additional cost filming and editing services,

Launching 1-3 Months Free Office Space worldwide - All in one solution



One time login experience through email, social media, twitter, facebook, or linkedin 

  • Launches our splash page with special offers, vouchers, promoted, products and services.
  • Customer can opt in for special offer alerts.
  • encourage in repeat business and customer loyalty to the business host



Our technology enables you to

  • Create a splash page 
  • Implement marketing campaign via SMS
  • Connect Data sources 
  • Heat Mapping
  • Public Wi-Fi Secure
  • View Real-time Active Wi-Fi Users
  • Website Analytics
  • Customisation to multi fields i.e hospitality, leisure, commercial to healthcare.


Broadband & Ethernet - all major carriers worldwide

  • Copper & Superfast Fibre
  • Mobile Broadband
  • Point to Point - Fibre or Line of Sight (LOS) building links
  • MPLS Networks

Fast 4G mobile broadband with monthly allowance . 



 are able to provide the following range of line services:-

  • PSTN Analogue lines and services
  • ISDN2e lines and services
  • ISDN30e lines and services
  • SIP Trunks

Switching to HMSA won’t cause any disruption to your business operations and your service will be uninterrupted. If you are transferring your phone line from another supplier then it’s also completely free to set everything up, whether you run your business from home or several offices. 

  • Hosted IP Telephony
  • On-Site PBX systems

Switching to us is usually seamless and hassle-free and you’ll start saving money straight away. 




  • Ideal for home and flexible working
  • Perfect for Business Continuity / DR scenarios
  • No numbering worries when moving premises
  • It's future proof - get new features immediately
  • Save money and work smarter with fixed and mobile integration
  • Free inter-site calls
  • inclusive calls to UK landlines and mobiles with our bundles
  • One supplier - end-to-end - makes your life easier
  • Multi-site deployment - only one system to buy
  • Highly reliable and scalable


 Firewalls can take many forms, from software that runs on hardened servers, to high speed dedicated appliances. Today most small to large businesses enjoy the benefits of UTM appliances (Unified Threat Management) these next-generation appliances are a firewall, gateway antivirus, antimalware, anti-spam, secure remote access all-in-one solutions which achieve very high performance speeds.Firewalls provide protection against a multitude of threats including denial of service (DOS) attacks, viruses, and ransomware. 

Employee productivity can be enhanced by utilising web-blocking and application control features, by preventing access to undesirable websites. 


Wi-Fi Advertising

Hotspot My Ad Splash Page with revenue share

VR Splash Page Advertising - Shopping from your home or an site at one of our venues and experience daily offers from a different virtual prospective.  

Connectivity -Plug and Play

Connecting to the World - Super Fast Fiber Broadband

Hassle Free  - Plug our Routers on to existing or we can get you connected through our panel of the top telecom partners.  


We can connect our end to end Enterprise solution where your a

  • University
  • Commercial residential building
  • Large Communal Space
  • Multi Tenant
  • Outdoor Event
  • Stadium
  • Festivals and More..

Hotspot My Ad Virtual Reality - The Experience

Upgrade and have a VR Splash Page

Send us your video and we will edit and upload on our splash page portal. So Customers can experience shopping virtually and purchase on the spot.

Virtual stimulates shopping and sales

Our virtual experience can start anywhere.  
Grab a coffee and click on the URL link to reach our VR client base and see whats on offer and available in our community.

3D - We can make the experience fun

You can experience games, events, promos, before you attend, purchase a product or service.   

Fancy booking a holiday but don't know what the room really looks like? Looking for a venue? Save time and GO Virtual