No need to change telecom providers, our solution is totally hassle free

Do you have Broadband? If yes, we plug or solution into your existing router

I have no broadband? No problem, we can get you installed or connect you using sim data, we work with most of the telecom providers.

How Does it work?

Customers get connected to FREE Wi-Fi

Login with Facebook, Twitter, Google or email

Redirected to your own URL Splashpage

So customer can view your splashpage (see below)

Enjoy FREE Wi-Fi and the client has profile to stay in contact

Understanding your customers and your community

Customers can view special offers, deals, promotions, vouchers from mobile, laptop and tablet



How do I receive shared global revenue?

When you sign up today, you automatically receive revenue from the global banner advertising share at a whopping 33%.  So, the more businesses connected the more revenue is equally shared back to you. 

How do I get connected?

Click on GETTING STARTED button

Once completed 

Your order is placed through finance. 

From verification we will then send our router within 14 days. 

user connect on to your Wi-Fi.

Does it affect my current connectivity?

No, it brings more benefits actually, you have more concurrent users, public Wi-Fi secure, your own URL, advert portal, beacon technology, GDPR compliant and the revenue share can support the cost of your current connectivity and more...

What happens if I don’t have Broadband?

No Problem for an additional fee we can get your connected using our panel of telecom providers worldwide. For car parks and commercial buildings, we  conduct a site survey, this is FREE when you sign up for the service.

Can I take the Wi-Fi solution if I move


Yes, you can attach a dongle and buy data sim through us.  .

Do I need to bring Advertisers?

No, you can relax we bring them to you and the revenue too.

How long is the contract?

60 Months. The good news the longer you stay the more you increase in revenue. After you end our term to receive an extra share bonus on resigning. Remember we go the back of your existing provider.  It will not affect our solution just keep it going.


1. HMSA Servers are behind a Managed Firewall.

2. Multiple Servers Dedicated to Web and Data.

3. DC Full Accredited.

4. Encrypted data storage of personal data

5. Encrypted Data Exports.

6. Full Detailed Audit Log.

7. Update Splash Page with clear opt-in

8. Update Data and Privacy policy.

9. Clarification of Data Usage on client page.

10. The Ability for a user to update/ Remove / Delete

11. The right to be forgotten built into all   accounts.

12. External Third-Party Penetration testing.

13. Data Notification Updates on HMSA