Wi-Fi Sponsored - Hotspot My Ad Enterprise Solution

We are inviting any business to have their Wi-Fi sponsored through Hotspot My Ad Global Ad Share Solution. Receive a remote site survey quote and financial return summary within 72 hours of submission. 


  • Connectivity (internet), internal or external cabling, cabinets/ enclosures
  • The above shall be deployed with standard firewall ruleset with the appropriate security rules
  • The above shall be deployed with 2x VLANs (Data and Access Points) and 2x SSID’s (Corporate & Guest).
  • Controller and access point configuration for hotspot and advertising portal
  • Base configuration for the networking environment
  • 3 Year Annual Support; Remote Support and Configuration.

Enterprise - Sponsored WI-Fi Solution

Commercial - Creating Smart Cities

We provide Enterprise Hotspot My Ad Solutions for commercial buildings, stadiums and arenas worldwide. HSMA Enterprise can scale up to thousands connected concurrently at any capacity and size required.  Remote site survey and proposals available.

Leisure and Sports

Stadiums and arenas anywhere in the world can be provided with Hotspot My Ad solution through our digital TV Screens or direct installation.  

Public Sector

We cover all fields from healthcare, transport, community hubs, parking space to education.  Anywhere Wi-Fi is required we have the adaptability, compliance, technology and state of the art connectivity solution available.

WI-FI POD SPACE - with shared revenue

Reaching where possible - Concerts, Festivals, Events,

Unlimited Solutions - Wi-Fi without walls

Outdoor Events, festivals, concerts and major seminars. For every person we want you to keep connected.

Outdoor Events

Any celebration we can keep you connected. 

Festivals and Concerts

We can keep you connected in open spaces and rural locations.

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