Hotspot My Ad


One time login experience through email, social media, twitter, facebook, or linkedin 

  • Launches our splash page with special offers, vouchers, promoted, products and services.
  • Customer can opt in for special offer alerts.
  • encourage in repeat business and customer loyalty to the business host



Our technology enables you to

  • Create Splash Page (Drag and Drop Solution)
  • Implement marketing campaign via SMS
  • Connect Data sources 
  • Heat Mapping
  • Public Wi-Fi Secure
  • View Real-time Active Wi-Fi Users
  • Website Analytics
  • Customisation to multi fields i.e hospitality, leisure, commercial to healthcare.


Broadband & Ethernet - all major carriers including BT, TalkTalk, Virgin Media and Vodafone.

  • Copper & Superfast Fibre
  • Mobile Broadband
  • Point to Point - Fibre or Line of Sight (LOS) building links
  • MPLS Networks

Fast 4G mobile broadband with monthly allowance . 

What we do

Wi-FI Advertising

Hotspot My Ad Splash Page with revenue share

VR Splash Page Advertising - Shopping from your home or an site at one of our venues and experience daily offers from a different virtual prospective.  

Connectivity -Plug and Play

Connecting to the World - Super Fast Fiber Broadband

Hassle Free  - Plug our Routers on to exisiting or we can get you connected through our panel of the top telecom partners.  


We can connect

  • Universities
  • Commercial residential building
  • Large Communal Spaces
  • Outdoor Events
  • Stadium

HSMA Technology

Hotspot My Ad Virtual Reality - The Experience

Upgrade and have a VR Splash Page

Send us your video and we will edit and upload on our splash page portal. So Customers can experience shopping virtually and purchase on the spot.

Virtual stimulates shopping and sales

Our virtual experience can start anywhere.  
Grab a coffee and click on the URL link to reach our VR client base and see whats on offer and available in our community.

3D - We can make the experience fun

You can experience games, events, promos, before you attend, purchase a product or service.   

Fancy booking a holiday but don't know what the room really looks like? Looking for a venue? Save time and GO Virtual