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Hello! and Welcome to Hotspot My Ad

We provide a Wi-Fi Social Advertising with a revenue share. 

Connect your business to our platform and create your own splash page and be seen when you connect to Hotspot My Ad .  Our portal can be integrated on social platforms to bring in advertising revenue and provide a VR experience for those who want to shop virtually.


HSMA VR Solution

Order your VR set

Pay online and we will  send you a HSMA VR Set so you can record  your business opportunities.

Updoad you Video Ad

We send back to you edited to your specification. 

Start your VR experience

Experience shopping, showcases, product launches and more.

Interactive TV

Interactive Digital Screen

You can interact with our splash page on our digital screen within various

 sectors with built Wi-Fi.

Upload your own adverts

Add deals, vouchers, offers, products and services

Interactive Customer Experience

Discover a new, innovative  way to communicate creative ideas, new innovations via interactive displays.


Resellers Partners (FREE to JOIN) No set up FEE's


We work with the top 10 Telecom providers worldwide.  

Telephony - Per Desk Top

We have package Deals per desk top that covers office 365, Cyber Cloud Security, unlimited calls nationwide and international and a social collaborative platform.


We cover office stationery, photocopiers, office space, office design and furniture.

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Our Own Social Collaborative platform for all existing HSMA members. A community where you can share reviews,view more deals, events, offers, news and so much more.

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